At Sage Repair Network Ltd we understand that having to make an insurance claim can be a stressful

time. We aim to make the reinstatement process as simple as possible for all concerned to ensure

this is done quickly and conveniently. Our involvement in a typical claim is outlined below:

  • Enquiry received via:

– Telephone

– Text

– Email to

– Website enquiry via our {contacts page}

– For an official enquiry form, please {click here}

  • Sage Repair Network Ltd review the enquiry and submit a request for quotation within 24 hours to the most appropriate contractor(s) / supplier(s).
  • Contractor(s) / supplier(s) will telephone the customer within 1 hour of notification.
  • The contractor(s) / supplier(s) will aim to visit the customer within 2 working days.
  • Following the visit, a schedule of repair will be compiled and returned within 2 working days to Sage Repair Network Ltd, who will assess and e-mail (or post) the quotation(s) to the originator of the enquiry.
  • Upon receipt of written authorisation of the quotation, Sage Repair Network Ltd will instruct the contractor / supplier to proceed with the provision of services.
  • The contractor / supplier will post a mandate for signature and return to the customer along with a request for any applicable policy excess.
  •  Upon receipt of the signed mandate and any applicable policy excess the contractor / supplier will endeavour to commence work within 10 working days (subject to availability of materials chosen by the customer).
  • Following the satisfactory completion of works, the customer will be asked by the contractor / supplier to sign a satisfaction note.
  • The signed satisfaction note, mandate and invoice will be forwarded to Sage Repair Network Ltd by the contractor / supplier.
  • Sage Repair Network Ltd will submit the undisputed invoice and necessary documentation to the relevant party for direct payment.